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Colors in Persian culture

I saw a chart with meaning of colors in cultures and I became really interested to find out more about this subject. On my visit to Iran, I noticed the beautiful blue tiles, which I really loved, blue being my favorite color. Searching for information about Persian culture is very difficult but I managed to squeeze these things from 2-3 websites.

Persian Red, Green, Blue, Medium blue and Indigo

Red - heat, energy, life Persian red is a deep reddish orange earth or pigment from the Persian Gulf composed of a silicate of iron and alumina, with magnesia. It is also called artificial vermilion.
Green - vitality, regeneration, gardens, heaven, sanctity The color Persian green is named from the green color of some Persian pottery and is a representation of the color of the mineral malachite.
Yellow - sickness, paleness In Chahar-Shanbeh Soori, Festival of Fire the people make a fire and jump it saying: "Sorkhie to az man, Zardieh man az to", literally means your redness (health) is mine, my yellow (paleness) is yours.
Blue - heaven, spirituality The color Persian blue is named from the blue color of some Persian pottery and the color of tiles used in and on mosques and palaces in Iran. Persian blue is a representation of the color of the mineral lapis lazuli which comes from Persia and Afghanistan. (The color azure is also named after the mineral lapis lazuli). Persian blue comes in three major tones: Persian blue — a bright medium blue; medium Persian blue - a medium slightly grayish blue and Persian indigo - a kind of dark blue.
Orange - Persian orange is a color used in pottery and Persian carpets in Iran. The color Persian Orange characteristic of Allis-Chalmers tractors was selected after testing in 1928 because, even when caked with dirt, it could still be distinguished from landscape features.
Violet - no reference found
White - purity Bride in Persian is called arous, which means white
Black - death
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