eshgheman (eshgheman) wrote,

Food that I've been making

Yogurt waffles

Bhaghali polow ba gusht

Mashed potatoes and pepper and sausage stew

Bananas caramelised with butter and sugar

French toast pizza with Mediterranean filling

10 min noodles with raw veggies

Home made coconut bread and peas and chickpeas Indian curry

Banana chocolate pancake

Stuffed aubergines


Ravioli with roast asparagus and nargesi

Red orach, beetroot and meatball soup

Puff pastry with bacon eggs and cheese

Bhaghali ghatogh

Pasta with wild garlic and mussels with white sauce

Tomatoes stuffed with basil, spinach, parsley, choriso, springonion, garlic and parmesan
Tags: food

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