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Planning for the NYE

This year I decided NYE would not be like last 3 years so invited few friends to my house. I guess if you don't have any plans you have to create them :). I just don't like to spend it just like a normal day and get finished with it.
While writing the invitation email I just had to put a nice picture to it and stumbled upon this beautiful post about best cities for NYE celebration.

Preparing for the NYE means more than just planning for the food and the "party" but also makes me wonder what changes the new year will bring, what should I do different in the future... but this I keep for a different post on resolutions.

The food part I decided to make yogurt with spinach, South Indian style okra (without the chilli cause of the guests), fish rice, zacusca, lemon rice, lamb - this one my husband will actually cook, he's the meat expert yum yum, daal. I have to come back with the recipes and pictures later on.

I don't like cooking sweets so I asked the guests to contribute with sweets and drinks.

What are you guys planning for the NY?

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